Bags You Can Never Go Wrong With


Picking the right clothes is tough but matching the right accessories with it is tougher. To decide which bag with go with the outfit takes hours. There are over 25 types of handbags like wristlets, evening bags, backpacks, sling bags, hobo bags, bucket bags etc. designed for different occasions, which make it really confusing what to choose. To make things a bit easier, here are four bags that every lady should have in her closet.

Cross Body Bag

These popular bags are of medium size in which you can carry all your essentials without any trouble. They are a must for every modern woman. As they are worn across the body, they are very convenient to carry. Lots of varieties and colours are available in it but if you want only one, go for a medium size in a neutral colour like black, brown or white. These can be worn anytime of the day.

Oversized Bag

These types of bags are great for travelling if you are going out with kids or if you are a working woman. As they are large in size, you can fit anything and everything in it. This is the kind of bag, which you will be using in everyday life like going to grocery store, office or market, so look for a good quality product. The cheap ones will fall apart quickly as the usage is more. Just keep in mind that it’s not an evening bag. Oversized are normally casual ones.


Small bags are dressy ones. Clutches come under this category. Never go to a formal event with a bag slung over your shoulder. Again they are available in variety of shapes and sizes. Go for one, which is big enough to carry your license, credit card, lipstick and some money. Choose a versatile colour, which goes with most of your dressy clothes. You can wear these to weddings and formal events.

Tote bag

This is the cheapest and most casual of all four. Use it on those days when you need to tote around. A lot of variety is available with cute and naughty sayings, funny patterns and lovely artworks. There is absolutely no rule for choosing them. You can pick anything that’s appealing as it is for times when you are super casual. You can wear it for casual lunch with friends or while going on picnic. Also you can carry it when going to neighbourhood grocery shop or just idling away your time with friends.

The right purse is a great outfit completer. Never ever underestimate the value of carrying the right kind of bag as it can make or break your look. They are the lexicons of style and so be very careful in choosing them.

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